Our Products & Services

Radar Hydrography

Sens2Sea radar technology samples the sea surface with the highest possible accuracy and sensitivity. Using physics-based algorithms we measure water depth, currents, and wave parameters. Combining physics with advanced image processing we create detailed images and maps of sea bottom topography, land-water boundaries, the surf zone, etc. We measure and image in near-real time.
Our radar hydrography systems can be realized on a wide range of platforms (ship-borne or offshore, fixed or mobile land). Combining recordings of a few hours, a day, weeks or year-round provides a low-cost and highly efficient approach to monitoring and alerting.

Oil spill detection & tracking

The accuracy and sensitivity of the Sense2Sea radar allows detection of oil spills and tracking and forecasting their trajectories. The Sense2Sea oil spill detection system creates real-time, high resolution images by processing consecutively recorded images. The result is stable, continuous detection and monitoring of oil spills. The data can be used to estimate the area of the spill, predict the drift, and monitor clean-up operations.
The sensitivity of the Sens2Sea system is such that it detects spills of less than 3 litres of oil. Furthermore, it works day and night, regardless of the sea conditions.

Small objects

Our high-end radar data-acquisition provides highly accurate solutions for detecting the smallest objects in clutter. The core principle of our small target data enhancement algorithms is physics-based separation of sea wave information from small object information. Small objects, such as floating debris, small boats and sea mammals can be detected and tracked in high sea state.

Systems & Antennas

Sens2Sea systems can be delivered as an added solution to existing radar installations or as integrated system that is built to specifications. We design and build antenna's and integrated systems with highly adaptable mechanical and control specifications. We have our in-house test facilities and can offer a range of manufacturing solutions. Contact us to learn what is possible.

Special projects and consultancy services

Sens2Sea has carried out or contributed to a diverse range of projects. For instance, we can deploy our mobile/transportable systems on location. We are also partnering with our customers in the development of new system concepts and algorithms.